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Viewers' Reactions


Patel Jitendrabhai (from a village in Mehsana)

"My son Parth is studying in Grade I. Whenever Chitrageet is on, he tries to read the writing at the bottom. Because of this his interest in reading has also increased. Now almost every household has TV. In low-income households people go to other houses to watch this program. People will learn to read because they already like to sing these Gujarati film songs."

Manjulaben Jayantibhai Shrimali, Vadaj, Ahmedabad.

"Subtitling makes it easy to read. One becomes more familiar with the words. Illiterates and neo-literates can improve their ability."

Rameshbbai Babubhai Tintodiya, Bhojva, Viramgam.

"One can be in constant touch with the words by watching the subtitled Chitrageet. So, please continue the programme."

Surabhai Varjanbhai Bharwad, Vitthalgad, Surendranagar.

"We have purchased a TV for watching this programme. Please telecast new songs."

Rani Popatbhai Sathia, Vitthalgadh, Surendranagar.

"Instead of broadcasting old songs, new songs should be subtitled and telecast."

Patel Labhuben Vadilal, Bhojva, Viramgam.

"I like the subtitled Chitrageet. It is good for less educated people as they can read the words. My request is to continue the subtitled Chitrageet."

Tejulaben Mafatsinhbhai Jhala, Bhojva, Viramgam.

"I like the subtitled Chitrageet. Those who cannot hear can read the songs and those who cannot read can hear the songs. Just because of this I like this programme."

Mukesh Kachrabhai Parmar, Meghaninagar, Ahmedabad.

"Subtitled Chitrageet is very good. After watching this programme I really like to respond to you. I have improved my reading ability by watching this programme. So, please continue this programme."

Rupaben Bhopabhai Bharwad, Vitthalgadh, Surendranagar.

"Subtitled Chitrageet is very good because by watching this programme we can improve our reading ability though sometimes we are unable to read it at once; however, we can try again."

Vatukia Gitaben Devshibhai, Vitthalgad, Surendranagar.

"Subtitled Chitrageet is very good. I learnt to read and write by watching this programme."

Merubhai Bhagabhai Vatukia, Vitthalgad, Surendranagar.

"This programme is very good. Now I feel like writing the songs."

Maheshbhai K. Thakor, MMT-3, Majeti.

"By watching subtitled programmes I am able to learn now. Now I try to recognize the correct letters."

Suvada Prafulbhai Valjibhai, Vitthalgad, Surendranagar.

"Subtitled Chitrageet is very good. Subtitles should be shown very slowly so that viewers can read them properly."

Kantaben D. Vaghela, Vadaj, Ahmedabad.

"It is helpful to familiarise oneself with the words, especially the difficult words."

Bhavabhai Hajibhai Solanki, Vadaj, Ahmedabad.

"Now it is possible to familiarise and understand the words by watching this programme. Illiterates can learn. "

Mohanbhai H. Makwana, MMT-43.

"I like this programme. It is especially good for my son who failed in school."

Vimlaben Nagjibhai Raval, SMT-2.

"Less educated people can practice reading by watching this programme. It is suggested to telecast this programme twice a week."

Nandubhai Gordhanbhai Valand, Kuha, Daskroi, Ahmedabad.

"This programme is enjoyable. I am able to understand the correct pronunciation."

Saberabhanu Babubhai Saiyyad, Kuha, Daskroi, Ahmedabad.

"It is really great. By watching this programme I am able to learn new words and understand the meaning."

Jadiben Mangaji Thakore, Kuha, Daskroi, Ahmedabad.

"Please telecast subtitled new songs, or please stop it."

Maniben Kaluji Baraiya, Kuha, Daskroi, Ahmedabad.

"Subtitled Chitrageet is a must. I feel that subtitles are shown very fast. If the subtitles are shown slowly they can be read properly. It is suggested to telecast this programme on Sunday also."

Bharatbhai Bhadaji Marwadi, Vitthalgad, Surendranagar.

"Subtitlted Chitrageet is very good and we enjoy it. When the songs are not properly audible, it can be read and understood from the subtitles."

Alka Mansukhbhai Raval, Sanand, Ahmedabad.

"Illiterates can understand the songs. This programme should be telecast twice a week and duration of each episode should be one hour instead of half an hour."

Jasuben Kalubhai Bharwad, MMT-6, Majeti.

"I like the subtitled programme. Please telecast new songs and also twice a week including Sunday."

Salma Anvarbhai Sepoi, MMT-27, Majeti.

"I like this programme. Please telecast this programme on Thursday and Sunday too."

Nanduben B. Parmar, Civil, Ahmedabad.

"It is good if the Chitrageet is subtitled. From the subtitles proper words of the songs can be understood. "


Viewers' Reactions

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